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Call for submission

Light installation for the 5th year celebration of Da Ning Life Hub / 2011 Da Ning Music Festival

Artist / artwork category:
Lighting / Installation (interactive will be a plus)

Artwork requirement:
1.The work has to have a strong visual effect, together with the theme of rock and roll music.
2.During the opening of the music festival (4 section, 5 bands), the MC will introduce the artist and the work at the area 1 (please see the image-2). It will be 4 to 5 minutes of band performance; at the same time, artist is required to do a light solo (it will be better to interactive with the music). The lighting of the environment can be adjusted to match artist’s needs.
3.It has to be 2 or more than 2 art works for this project, please see the image-2 for the choice of location.
4. Submission deadline: 15th June 2011

Exhibition period:
Sept 2011 – Dec 2011

1.Artist fee: 40000 RMB (include tax)
2.Material and shipping fee: no more than 25000 RMB
3.A return flight ticket will be covered if the artist are from abroad
4.7 days hotel will be provided for the artist.
(The organizer can help find a reasonable hotel if the artist want to stay longer, but the artist has to pay by him/herself)

Copyright of the artwork:
Da Ning Life Hub has the right of promotion and exhibition during the showing period. All the right belong to artist after the show.

Suggestion for the installation of the artwork:
1.Since the venue is a shopping complex, the artwork is better to be installed during the night time. It would be better for artist bring / ship the work, and keep it as simple as possible for the installation, realize in a short period.
2.Please prepare any equipment or hardware in advance.

Please contact:
tel&fax: +8621 63842432
mp: +86 13818914663
add: 60 Shimen Er Rd, Shanghai, 200041
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