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** PLEASE NOTE: There have been changes to both application form and guide. Please make sure you have read and filled in the right forms.
*** 2011年度現在は、国内外在住の日本人アーティストは当プログラムの対象になりません。2012年以降については、随時お問い合わせ下さい。

S-AIR Autumn 2011 Artist-in-Residence Programme: FRONTIER
For One Artist from 12th Oct -12th Dec (60 day programme)

How to Apply

Over the 2 periods of Autumn and Winter, artists will be invited to take part in the residency programme in Sapporo, Japan. The island of Hokkaido only began its modernisation 140 years ago, meanwhile, art has been developing for centuries with a rich heritage. Even though Hokkaido is not usually associated with art, some people have great passion and see much potential in both Hokkaido and in art. This programme is designed for artists, who would challenge in a different environment from a different perspective and be at the frontier to discover a new field of expression and the potential of the local resources.

Deadline for Autumn Period Residency:
Sunday 4th September 2011 at 23:00 (JST)

Conditions and Requirements

Term of the Residency (Autumn Period)
12th Oct -12th Dec (60 day programme)
* If you wish to negotiate the dates, please consult with the preferred dates in advance.

Areas of Practice
We are looking for one artist who practices in the following fields:
- Performance Art (in the context of visual art)
- Media Art (interactive art which incorporates digital technology, installation, films, animations, comics, games etc)

Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must:
- Neither hold Japanese nationality nor reside in Japan
- Not need to apply for visa to stay in Japan for the duration of the residency.
Please check the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan:
- Be mentally and physically healthy individual(s)
- Be able to communicate and interact with local citizens
- Have desire to actively participate in local activities such giving workshops and lectures

- Travel cost (up to 170,000 yen)
- Production cost reimbursement for artists (up to 100,000 yen)
- Daily allowance (3,500 yen)
- Accommodation: a rented single room provided by S-AIR with mobile wifi internet access. Utility bills (water, gas and electricity) will also be covered by S-AIR.
- A studio space at ICC ( ) with internet access
- PCs: We have an iMac G3/600MHz to be shared with other artists, but we highly recommend that you bring your own laptop.

Participation in Sapporo Pre-Biennale Project
During the residency, participants are required to participate and present your work at the Sapporo Pre-Biennale event, which will take place at the Sapporo Art Park Museum (28th Oct - 22nd Nov)

[New] After Residency Report
The visiting artist is required to present/make a report in their mother language or other non-Japanese language about their residency experience in Sapporo after returning to their home. This can be done in various ways; the artist could organise an exhibition, a performance event, a lecture or a workshop, or they could write about their residency experience in Sapporo and have it featured in mass media such as newspapers, magazines or online media.

Self Support
Participants should support themselves in daily activities from preparing documents, production of art work, research and to domestic work

Please note that we are unable to provide any insurance. Participants are advised to take out their own insurance during the residency.

Deadline for Autumn Period Residency:
Sunday 4th September 2011 at 23:00 (JST)

- Applications can be accepted online NO LATER THAN 23:00 JST Sunday 4th September 2011. Those received after this time and date will not be accepted.
- Please note that only complete applications will be considered, and make sure to follow the guideline.

How to Apply
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