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Opportunity: Curator in Residence at S-AIR 2011 Winter

2011/2012 S-AIR Residency Winter Programme:

Opportunity: Curator in Residence at S-AIR
15 January – 15 February 2012 (Dates are negotiable)

About S-AIR
S-AIR was established in 1999 with partial funding by The Agency for Cultural Affairs, to run an artist-in-residence programme in Sapporo, Japan. Since it was approved to be a non-profit organisation in 2004, S-AIR started a collaborative residency project with ICC, in which we have been building networks with Japanese and international artists as well as art institutions in Japan and overseas. S-AIR has hosted 75 artists in total from 29 countries over the period of 12 years (until March 2011).

Curator-in-Residence Programme
We are offering a curator a one-month residency opportunity in Sapporo, Japan. As part of the FRONTIER programme, which runs over 2 periods of Autumn and Winter, S-AIR is establishing a new programme of residency aimed at curators and researchers who are interested in developing research or production as part of a winter event, Snowscape Moere. The objectives of the call for curators in residence is to initiate dialogue and to present proposals about possibilities of an art festival in winter conditions.

Presentation and Panel Discussion/Lecture at Snowscape Moere
Snowscape Moere is a winter art event held at Moerenuma Park, Sapporo. The event focuses on the issues surrounding the winter conditions in the context of artistic expression. The participating curator will be expected to research into various possibilities of art events or festivals in such environment.
For more information on Snowscape Moere, visit the online photo archive of the past years’ event:

Residency Report
The successful candidate will be required to provide a progress report to S-AIR at the end of their residency, and to seek opportunities to share their experience on their return to their country – this could mean an exhibition, a presentation or a lecture, or publication of articles.

Conditions and Requirements

• Support
S-AIR will support one curator in residence for one month from 15 January to 15 February 2012.
Our support includes:
- Travel costs (up to 170,000 yen)
- Research Fee (up to 100,000 yen)
- Daily allowance (3,500 yen)
- Accommodation: a rented single room
- Free mobile phone rental (credits must be covered by the participant) and free mobile wifi access
- Utility bills (water, gas and electricity)
- Work studio at ICC ( ) with internet access
- PCs: We highly recommend that you bring your own laptop.

• Eligibility
Applicants must neither hold Japanese nationality nor reside in Japan, and are able to exercise a degree of autonomy and self reliance. The successful candidate must have desire and ability to communicate and interact with local citizens in English or in Japanese.

• Travel Arrangements, Visas and Insurances
The successful candidate is responsable for their own travel arrangements, visas and insurances in advance. For Japanese visas, visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Application Form Downloads
Application Form and Guidelines are available in PDF and Word format, which can be downloaded at:

How to Apply
Use online storage services such as or and email us the links. DO NOT EMAIL THE DATA DIRECTLY.

Please read the guidelines carefully and fill out the application form provided and email the links to the server where the application form with required application materials are stored. Make sure your application is complete and includes all the required materials. Applications submitted later than above date and time will not be considered.

Deadline: Monday 31 October 23:00 (JST)
The link(s) to your application data should be emailed to:

What Should Be Included in Your Application?
All materials should be provided in English

1.Complete Application Form (PDF or Word, A4)
2.Résumé/CV (PDF or Word, A4)
3.Project Portfolio/Document (PDF, A4)
One A4 size PDF portfolio/document on 5 major curatorial projects that you have initiated in the past with a short description and 3-5 images each. You may include links to project websites and videos documenting the projects.
4.Statement (PDF or Word, A4)
Up to 1,000 words
5.Portrait (Jpeg, 500pix min)
Photograph of yourself above shoulder

Selection Process
• Monday 31 October 2011: Application deadline
• Mid November 2011: Successful candidate to be announced on S-AIR Blog
• 15 January – 15 March 2012: Residency takes place (Dates are negotiable)

Questions and Enquiries
401 Intercross Creative Center
Toyohira 1-12-1-12, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo 062-0901 JAPAN
Tel +81 11 820 6056
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