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Sanghee Song@サンパウロビエンナーレ

artcore japan主宰の真砂から、2003年度招へいのシャンヒ・ソン/Sanghee Songの情報。

サンパウロ・ビエンナーレに出ているのを、Universes in Universeが取り上げているそうです。

Sanghee Song@サンパウロビエンナーレ from Universes in Universe

An information about Shanghee Song from Masago, director and organizer of ‘artcore japan’ (Shanghee Song was a Korean artist invited in residence 2003.)

She is one of the artists who developed graphic design projects for the catalogue in the 27th São Paulo Biennial, 2006 (7 October - 17 December 2006), according to the Universes in Universe.

The Universes in Universe shows the work by Sanghee Song in the 27th São Paulo Biennial, 2006

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