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Nicolas Boulard/ニコラ・ブラー:Grand Vin de Reims

Nicolas Boulard : Grand Vin de Reims
A French artist, Nicolas Boulard invited in residence 2005 has started an interesting project in his hometown. What a surprise !
He and his friends bought in grapes in supermarkets and grocery shops and is making champagne.
Here is the detail of the process. (English)

While his parents produce champagne in the home of champagne, at this project with Nicolas’ own idea, Nicolas and his friends are flexibly ignoring or making a parody of the brand of real champagne and the snobbish or stylish atmosphere. It is cool as the artistic project in the local area, because they raise some issues against the conventional champagne style, history and influence.
When can we have a glass of Nicolas’ champagne ? Check out his site !






Nicolas Boulard

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