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a happy new year 2007

あけましておめでとうございます。 本年もよろしく。
Happy New Year to all and welcome to 2007!
Hopefully, you will have a very happy and prosperous 2007.


新作:Takoyaki Lampと新作バスケット。
photo by 小牧寿里写真事務所(最後の一枚をのぞく)

photo by 小牧寿里写真事務所



The record of the exhibition by Brunno Jahara and Takao Minami, who were invited in residence 2006, is shown as a photo album at the fotologue.

Brunno showed his new work of Takoyaki Lamps and Japanese inspired baskets in his installation at the Tamayura.
The photos were taken by Hisasato Komaki, except for the last one.

Takao Minami showed his installation work, Okurairi, in the Togashi building.
The photos were taken by the Komaki Hisasato Photo Office.
Here is the view of setting-up of the Okurairi by Minami and assistants.

Minami setting-up

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