npo S-AIR エスエア

Made in Japan (Wrapping)


Today it was the opening of S-AIR resident artist Cecilia R.Corzo final show.Coming from the street you could see that in one of the venue building's window, the light was rhythmically changing from pink-red into blue. After climbing staircases and walking corridors, you could find yourself in the installation.The ingredients of the installation are 100% made in Japan: plastic blue sheet, tatami chairs, pottery, kimono textile, packaging plastic (which is not made in Japan but rapresent a very japanese reality). The usual functions of this items has been transformed and original combinations have been created. The no-legs tatami chairs has now ultralong woodlegs. The bluesheet often used by homeless to build up a temporary but resistent habitation or more in general used as simply practical tool for covering and protecting, is now an almost elegant second skin wrapping the chairs.
More then fifty pottery, for rice, soup, sake and tea, are now lamps,wrapped in colourful kimono textiles and finally packed in plastic. The lamps turns on only when a person steps nearby.

exhibition adress and timing

IWASA Big. 3floor
5, East5, North 3 Chuo-ku, sapporo City

from sunday 2nd until sunday 9th september 2007
12pm/ 7pm
admission free

S-AIR contact for additional informations:

by sairoffice | 2007-09-01 15:51 | live news