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2006−7 セカンドステージ 作家決定

先日、2006−7 セカンドステージ招へい 作家の選考会が行われ、応募者31組、交流先となる創造拠点30施設の中から、二名が選出され、一名が次点になりましたので発表します。


(By the meeting held) last week, two artists were selected and one artist finished just behind the successful applicants among 31 applications. The applications consist of independent applicants or two member units, and most applicants offer art organizations an exchange to develop the international cultural communication with ICC + S-AIR in perspective.

The two artists selected (the two holders) will be staying for two months: from 10 January to 10 March 2007. Participating in the Art Project for winter in the Moerenuma Park, “Snowscape Moere” (8 February – 12 February), they are showing their work in the gallery in the Hidamari, glass pyramid.

Two artists in residence 2007 for the winter program

/////// Neno Belchev Belchev

Male / Born in 1971
Varna, Bulgarian
Video Installation
An art organization for the exchange : a local Bulgarian organization


○The reason why the artist, Neno Belchev Belchev was chosen
He seems to have own unique sense and quality of art for his work, different from art senses and qualities which other artists have. His work also seems to have a sense of humor, so what he will create during his stay in Sapporo should be very interesting. Although the organization for the exchange would be a local Bulgarian art organization, presumably some unprecedented information can be expected because there has never been an exchanged art program between Bulgaria and Sapporo.

/////// Bas Noordermeer
交流先:das arts(パフォーミングアーツのリサーチセンター)

Male / Born in 1974
Rotterdam, Netherland
An art organization for the exchange : Das Arts (a research centre for the performing arts. Advanced Research in Theatre and Dance Studies )

○ 選考理由

○The reason why the artist, Bas Noordermeer was chosen
The object observed with his earnest eyes in his DVD work gives us favorable impressions. There are only a few works that he submitted, but they show highly completed form. Bas Noordermeer will be expected to have the possibility to invent more development and change during his stay in Sapporo.
Das Arts, a research centre for the performing arts that he introduces is interesting because organizations like Das Arts are not to found in Sapporo, and maybe not in any city in Japan

the next artist behind the successful applicants

/////// Corwyn Lund

交流先:mercer union, center for contemporary arts by artists running

Male / Born in 1972
Toronto, Canada

An art organization for the exchange : mercer union, centre for contemporary arts by artists running



○Unfortunately, Corwyn Lund came behind the selected artists; however, his works exhibit interactive access with performance and humours and their qualities seem highly completed. His own aim achieved by staying at Sapporo in winter is shown in his application.
There has not been an artist from Canada for the artists in residence program in Sapporo.
We have an increasing attention on information related to art from Canada, which would be useful and attractive. The mercer union which Corwyn Lund introduces as an art organization for the exchange must run artistic activities. We are also interested in the system in which the artistic activities are positively encouraged by the national grants in Canada.
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